General Election 2017 Results for Salisbury & South Wiltshire

Turnout: 52,711 (73%)

Winner: John Glen (Conservative)

Tom Corbin (Labour): 13,619

John Glen (Conservative): 30,952

Brig Oubridge (Green): 1,152

Dean Palethorpe (UKIP): 1,191

Arthur Pendragon (Independent): 415

Paul Sample (Liberal Democrat): 5,982

Previous Election Results

 Year Turnout   Winner  Winner’s % Lib Dem % 
 2015  50,705  John Glen (Conservative)  55.6%  10.1%
 2010  48,481  John Glen (Conservative)  49.2%  36.9%
 2005  54,322  Robert Key (Conservative)  47.8%  27.3%
 2001  52,603  Robert Key (Conservative)  46.6%  30.1%
 1997  58,239  Robert Key (Conservative)  43.0%  32.2%
 1992*  60,654  Robert Key (Conservative)  52.0%  37.2%

*This is the last election in which Paul Sample stood as the Liberal Democrats’ candidate for Salisbury & South Wiltshire.

Election Results

I am absolutely overwhelmed by the support I've received during the election campaign, not only from Liberal Democrats' supporters, but by so many strangers who have come up to me on the street, talked to me, and wished me well. I won't be going to Westminster as your MP, but I will continue fighting for every one of you, to make Salisbury & South Wiltshire a more open, tolerant, and fair society for all.

Gepostet von Paul Sample for Salisbury & South Wiltshire am Donnerstag, 8. Juni 2017

My Statement

“It is an enormous honour to be asked to stand as the Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for Salisbury. I am very pleased to have increased our share of the vote. In 2015 the Lib Dems came 4th, with 10.1% of the vote. This time we have come a very heartening and respectable third, with 11.3% of the vote.

I’d like to thank the hundreds of people who got behind my campaign, and donated money, put up posters, delivered leaflets and supported me on social media. I’ve had a huge amount of fun these last two months.

I’ve lost a lot of weight and I’ve got a fantastic sun tan. I’ve also had the chance to meet up again with hundreds of friends and acquaintances all across the constituency. It’s been a really heart-warming experience. I now look forward to returning to my role as a Chairman of the Bench at the Magistrates Court, and to my “day job” of running The Mustard Agency and working with senior leaders in UK schools.”